Monday, 15 April 2013

10 Ways To Make Money When You Have No Job

1) Babysitting – this is a great way to make some extra cash and help out family or friends as people often need babysitters and have to stay in when they cannot find an affordable babysitter.

2) Bake cakes – if you are good at baking it is worth offering to bake a cake for friends or family and charge them accordingly as you would if you were going to sell in a real shop.

3) Car washing – good old fashioned hand car washing can be a quick way to gain a little bit of money for doing something good for someone else. There must be someone local that always wants their car washed (and they should have a bucket and sponge too).

4) Ebay – you may want to sell your unwanted DVD’s, games, CD’s etc. Ebay from time to time do promotional free listing weekends where you can put your items on the site for free with no charges if they do not sell.

5) Surveys online – companies pay to hear your valuable opinions on their products and services and you can get rewarded in vouchers, cheque, bank transfer etc.

6) Gardening – if you are good at gardening, there could be opportunities to help out neighbours in the area do a few jobs that they haven’t got round to doing yet and by doing this, you can form a new relationship and become closer with your neighbours.

7) Sell photographs – if you have an eye for a good photograph you could sell your photographs for money, there are companies that will pay to own your photographs and sell them on.

8) DIY jobs – painting or fixing items or other odd jobs that need doing will always be on someone’s radar that they have been putting off. Get out there and find out if anyone needs some handiwork done.

9) Car boot sale – if you do not want to go online to sell your things then you could try a car boot sale to clear out your old junk.

10) Dog walking – when people need someone to look after their pets, they would love to have someone able to come round and help them out in times of urgent need.