Friday, 12 July 2013

What Would You Like To See On My Blog?

I have got a few ideas about what I would like to write about on my blog but I would like to get an idea of what other people like to read about and what they would like to see on my blog. I am appealing to my readers to give me some feedback on topics that they would like to see written about. I would like to appeal to all age groups and gender so your thoughts are appreciated.

I shall be contributing more blog posts shortly so keep checking back or if you would like updates then please subscribe to follow my blog where you will be notified as and when I post a new topic.

Also, I would like to start posting some topics that readers can comment on and get involved with sharing their opinions on so contributors are highly welcomed. Comments will be previewed before they are approved but as long as comments are not offensive or disrespectful, they shall be approved. Thank you Louise.