Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Love Food Hate Waste – Save Money And Help The Environment

Love Food Hate Waste is an exceptional website which gives a real insight into the way that we can reduce food waste and help the environment. The website itself is full of useful tips on how we can help the global issue of food waste that costs us a fortune, as well as it being harmful to the environment to throw things out.

To get an overview of this wonderful website it offers; recipes, tips, facts, advice, money-saving ideas and is full of important statistics and news relating to food. The purpose of detailing these areas is to get people to re-think their own habits in regards to how much food that they buy, cook, store or throw away. We waste a lot of food and money and we do not even realise how much sometimes or realise the significant impact it has on our purse as well as our planet!

This is a place that offers nifty tips and educates you into knowing the best ways to purchase foods smartly, helpful ways to store foods correctly to stay fresh for a long time, you can learn how to use foods up that are left over or running out of date and also you can find out what can be recycled from left-over food or empty packaging.

This website is only a good thing in my book and I do highly recommend it!