Monday, 17 February 2014

Worldwide Drinking Game Neknomination Kills

A worldwide drinking game craze has become a sensation. For all the wrong reasons, people are believing that this is an innocent game that has become a phenomenon, for being a 'fun' thing to do. Neknomination, the name for the drinking game, is seemingly just a drinking game where friends nominate someone via social media to do a 'drinking dare'.

Neknomination is believed to be a game that was invented with the concept of downing one pint of some kind of alcohol very quickly and posting the video for others to view. Neknomination appears to have started off as a game to play for a fun challenge but it has escalated into some dangerous activities going on throughout the world.

In the news recently there have been a few stories reported of those that have risked their lives by doing a Neknomination drinking dare and the consequences have sadly proved fatal. The 'challenges' and 'dares' are widespread becoming more dangerous and some have now even been lethal and resulted in deaths.

The focus on this drinking game has radically turned into extreme risks that people are taking (some oblivious to the reality of what they are doing). In some instances, alcohol has been used with shockingly high content and usually spirits that are not mixed with anything. The speed at which people are drinking large quantities of high percentage ABV and other substances that should not be swallowed (mouthwash or laundry detergent anyone??) is putting health and life at risk.

Further news has been announced that those people that 'nominate' a friend to do a drinking dare (with their friend ending up dead as a result of the dare in question) could find themselves potentially up for a charge of manslaughter as a result of the death. Now don't get me wrong, I do like to enjoy socialising and consuming a drink or two for a good time but I feel that people need to be informed of this information to prevent anymore deaths from occurring unnecessarily.

Neknomination in my opinion is as bad as drinking a bottle of bleach, swallowing bottles full of pills or putting a gun to your head. People need to wake up and say no to this trend that will devastate the families and friends of the next victim.