Saturday, 11 May 2013

Get Paid To Shop Online

Getting paid to shop online...sounds too good to be true right? Well you can get paid to shop online quite literally. There are websites which will pay you cashback when you spend online at certain online shops or online retailers.

The cashback websites often work by providing affiliate links to websites that have products or services that you can purchase online. When you go on to spend money by using these affiliate links you get paid as the company are happy to pay the cashback website some commission by getting the introduction of a sale or custom from the cashback website.

2 cashback websites that I recommend are:

Quidco - (Click on this unique link to sign up)
Cashbackshopper -

Cashback websites also often offer discount codes that you can enter at the checkout or free delivery on some retailers, have a look at a cashback website to search for your favourite retailers before you spend and you will not be sorry!

Tip - Do not ever sign up to a cashback website that asks you for a fee or payment to them upfront before you get your cashback, some can be scams so be very wary. Although most cashback websites are free of charge to register, some websites such as Quidco do offer that you can upgrade your account by paying for a higher membership that will give you extra perks such as faster payments, which is totally your own choice if you want money quicker but this is quite different from a non-reputable company trying to run away with your money without paying you any cashback by asking for a fee!

Remember - cashback websites may not pay you immediately, in fact most of them (if not all) will get you to accumulate a certain amount of money before you can choose how you will receive your payment but it is nice when you finally reach the amount of money needed for when you can get paid just for shopping online.