Monday, 22 April 2013

10 Ways To Get A Discount

1)Voucher codes – you can find voucher codes on the internet with different offers for products or services (remember to always check the dates and the terms and conditions of the offers). There are special websites that offer lots of different discounts for restaurants, hair and beauty treatments, days out, etc.

2)Loyalty cards – there are loads of different loyalty cards out there for you to generally pick up for free in stores and they save you money in the long run (what is not to love?!)

3)Haggle – haggling is becoming more the norm these days especially as times have become tough. If you see an item in a clothes shop that has a stain or a broken zip, ask the cashier to reduce the price for you (it is best to do this when it is quiet to get a better chance of success). If you buy food items at a market, the stall holders often expect you to barter the price down but always walk away if you do not get the price that you want. Sometimes market stall holders will call you back and re-consider your offer.

4)Group discount – some places will offer you a better deal if there are a group of you. Train tickets can be cheaper in this way, food and drink deals, the list goes on!

5)Student discount – it is worth purchasing student discount cards more often than not as they are likely to save you a fortune on the retailers and businesses that you can get money off from.

6)Coupons – companies love to send their customers coupons to spend more money in their stores. Use coupons wisely, only buy these discounted items that you would usually buy anyway or use free coupons to pick up something for nothing.

7)Recommend a friend – if you recommend a friend to a hair salon or for a gym membership you or your friend are likely to be rewarded for this with a discount or something for free in return for your introduction. It pays to ask these places whether they do anything for recommending a friend or if they do not, you could always suggest it!

8)Store cards – if you have a good credit rating and you are a reliable payer, you may be eligible to apply for a store card. Store cards can give you usually around 10% off purchases or they can include an offer to pay for your purchases at a later date. This option is good for people that have enough money to pay off their card in full by the due date.

9)Letter writing – if you have been disappointed with a product or service and not satisfied, a good way to get your point across is in a letter (or email if you want to be a bit more environmentally and purse friendly). Usually if a company has seen that you have had a bad experience they will want to put it right. They may offer you a discount off your next shopping purchase or perhaps even some freebies.

10)Offers – why not ask some of the places that you go to if they have any offers, you may find out that they had an offer that was not advertised or not obvious to see or they may do you a special unique offer if you ask nicely.