Thursday, 30 April 2015

Are You Beach Body Ready?

Recently there has been an advertisement for a weight loss product that has caused outrage. 'Protein World' featured a model on their advertisement campaign in a yellow bikini with the message 'Are you beach body ready?' but despite the model looking healthy and her appearance looking great, many have slammed the advert as they believe it could cause more harm than good. The model on the billboards you would think would be looking gaunt, too skinny, unrealistic looking, right? Well no...the model looked healthy, in proportion and genuinely made me have 'feel good' vibes when I saw the advert in question. It made me think the product was probably quite effective and reputable from the model in the picture selling it. All I thought was surely we should be encouraging this type of advertisement...showing a normal person that has a normal body, without looking unwell or like they have starved themself? I think that it is great to see people in adverts that have taken good care of themselves physically rather than showing people that are dangerously over or underweight. Why should we not celebrate the body of someone that has looked after it? I think 'banning' these type of adverts is a poor decision as the only people that will be offended by them are the people that do not appreciate healthy individuals, which in my view is the wrong message to be sending out in a world where there is far too many people that think having an unhealthy mindset is better than seeing someone that has achieved a great body and done well to do so without doing anything drastic or putting their health at risk.